Are you in Victoria Falls! Looking for Affordable Accommodation? Try ‘Kamutengo Guest House’.


So lately i haven’t been up writing about travel trends and some amazing places you can visit in africa. This is so mainly because of the Covid 19, people haven’t been travelling for some time now. I haven’t traveled for about 5 months & I’ve been indoors, working and learning a couple of new skills. Well if you might know that Tamy Moyo recently dropped a new video for the song Kuteera and we are currently vibing to the song mainly because it was shot in Victoria Falls and in general the song is good and has a good story line as well. So this got us thinking you might be in Victoria and looking for a place to sleep over. This article is for you. Try Kamutengo Guest House.

Kamutengo Guest House is a glamorous self catering guest house perfect for families and individuals those who want certainity in terms of luxury accommodation. This guest house is with no doubt one of the very best in Victoria Falls and one thing you’ll love the most with this structure is the modern-day interior designs. The exterior is fresh & friendly. The Kamutengo Guest House is located 2.5km from the majestic falls, which means if you live a healthy lifestyle you’d enjoy a morning walk or jog to the victoria falls before actually starting your day. Victoria falls is soo amazing is so many ways, and has loads of activities you can do on a normal day. Staying at this Guest House doesn’t come free and definitely has loads of benefits worth every penny spent.

They offer Airport Transfers and Activities. So you might be new in town. The team from the Guest House will be more than just happy to show you around as well as picking you up at the airport. I won’t talk about security because that was the first strategy they designed before having to get into the actual structure. The Kamutengo Guest House is located in the safest neighbourhood in town. Has Alarm Systems, Security Wall, Electric wires, is under security supervision 24/7 & CCtv also plays a good role and you never go wrong. Slaying over in victoria falls has actually never been this easier. The theme and colours they used in the interior of the house are soo warm, friendly, welcoming & very comfortable. All the rooms are full furnished and fully functional. The spacious kitchen has top notch cooking utensils and storage for all your favourite goodies. Again you never go wrong.

The Bedrooms & Bathrooms are out of this work, if you sleep on these beds you can actually turn to say “i am never going back home” actually these beds are amougst some of the most comfortable beds in the world if i can say in a way that will give you a better view of the portrait i am trying to paint in your brain about this lodge. If you can walk in a home and feel comfortable to do anything you want then you can easy feel the safety that surrounds you and adventure that awaits tomorrow. On the other hand Kamutengo Guest House is not only a holiday or vacation accommodation plan but, you might be i victoria falls on business. This is the go to spot. Try and trust me you’ll love it and you will thank me for this article later.

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