Brayzz Brand Ambassador series pt 4 | Britney-Yvette Chiyoko attends Mr Paul Mhofu Shambare’s 40th birthday celebration.


Being a Brand Ambassador takes alot of hard work, dedication & passion. Trust Us being the face of a Luxury Brand is not really as easy and enjoyable as it may sound or look. You have to keep to brand standards, engage your community, your audience & your team. These are some of the topics we always groom our Ambassadors on. Our Ambassador put in an extra hand to engage people fron all sorts of backgrounds and race. Britney recently attended this event where she believes love has loads of ways to reach where it’s supposed to. She actually learnt alot during the function.

Unlike a usual party celebration Mhofela, Express entertainment owner. Chose to celebrate with the vulnerable in his community. The birthday boy mentioned that as a norm he celebrates his birthday yearly. He added that in good years he’ll do bashes but however this year he saw it necessary to make it different as people are living in abject poverty. He dedicated to celebrate his life @ 40 by stretching his hand to the old and the underprivileged in his society. Which is in many ways a blessing, that one chance to celebrate a birthday with the less privileged is something we’ve always wanted to do at Brayzz Africa.

During the interview with Britney-Yvette he added that he was expecting 100 beneficiaries identified by Social welfare and they were to receive hampers with assorted goods and two lucky disabled would go away wth one brand new wheelchair each. Life begins at 40 and Mr Paul led by example showing us that one can only claim they have lived if they have helped someone who cannot help them in return.

The program commenced from 10am to 3pm. As expected people received their hampers, got to have lunch and some got the opportunity to give thanks to Mr Mhofu. “I should say I’m really proud of Mr Mhofu for showing such a noble gesture to the important people that we as a community tend to forget, May the good Lord continue to bless him, his family, his team and loved ones,” said Britney.

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