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Summer is here and am soo excited becuase it’s the only time we get to do some of the stuff we don’t do in winter. The one thing i enjoy most besides a vast range of activities that one can actually do in Summer is Swimming. I am Obsessed. The good thing is FoodIcon got just that one thing we all need when going out. This is for any occasion. What we have seen is the fact that you’d actually love FoodIcon’s frosty more when you are out with friends. We received a Box with 50 units this week and have been actually loving the product.

Let talk about foodIcon so i can give you a slight insight into who they are and what they do. FoodIcon is a Food & Beverage brand with a good range of food & Drink products that you can really love. Looking at their Product Frosty you’d know just how good they are. Frosty comes in four amazing flavours. They have Cherry, Apple, Peach & Strawberry. I personally like all the flavours but Peach & Cherry are close to my heart in a way. All their flavours are unique. You will actually be surprised when you taste it for the first time. It is definitely not what you’re thinking and they will deliver the best taste you are not expecting. The good thing is these are not the ordinary ice lollies we are used too on a daily or the easy home made lollies. We as Brayzz Africa would like to give props to FoodIcon for this product, because they deserve it.

Having to rate it, we would give Frosty a whooping 8/10 mainly because of the product quality and amazing flavours. I won’t talk about customer service because their service is efficient enough that you receive your Order & Delivery on time & definitely not in time. Loads of people we have given to taste have loved it and given the product loads of likes. If you would want to buy for resell, well here is a good tip “Go for it” it’s summer, people are loving it, it’s new, its trending and most importantly it’s Catchy. You rest knowing you get your invested amount back. Take our advice and tell us how the whole experience was. You’ll actually be surprised in the large numbers of people that will start demanding the product.

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