Tech | These Modern Home Office LayOut Ideas Will Blow Your Mind.


Working from home has now become a mainstay. It’s something we are now getting used to, The question is how much do you feel comfortable in your home office? & what ideas do you have to spice up your office game and give it a more modern touch, shifting from the traditional office setup can actually help you enjoy spending time in your office doing the work. At the same time giving the room you’re working in a more natural look and atmosphere will help you enjoy your time in the office or studio. So we came up with this article to give you some ideas for spicing up your office, gaming station & mini studio. This is our altimate guide with tips on how to add little and simple touch ups that can actually give your space the look it truly deserves.

The first thing to do is to pick the area that you’ll be working in. Ideally, it’s a special room set aside specifically to work in. If you’re going to be taking appointments from clients, you’ll want to make sure the home office can be accessed without going through personal or communal spaces. But separating life and work is about more than just physical separation. You also have to make a mental separation. This might mean setting very specific hours during which you’ll be “at work” and “at home” (even though they both have the same address). You may also want to wear different clothes to work so as to signal to yourself that you’re working and not at leisure. If you don’t clearly separate your home and professional lives, you’ll find they bleed into one entity – and that entity isn’t particularly good for relaxing or for being productive.

Get a Big Desk. A desk isn’t anything too special. Essentially, it’s a glorified table. But there is a big difference between a small desk and a spacious one. A larger desk will allow you to spread out, which is especially important if you’re brainstorming visual or relational ideas. It also leaves more room for extra equipment, like a second monitor or a desk plant giving your space that natural look. One way to have more desk space is to opt for an L-shaped, corner desk. This also gives you the possibility of having two separate work spaces for different parts of the same project. Big Desks are Safer Too Drinking water while you work is an important part of a healthy lifestyle But liquids on a small desk can be dangerous, as you have no choice but to place them in spilling distance of your keyboard and other valuable electronics. This may seem like a fairly trivial point – but it wouldn’t feel so trivial if you lost an expensive piece of equipment due to a cramped work environment.

If you want to be healthier, work in a room with a window & loads of natural light coming in. A review from the Natural Renewable Energy Laboratory found that natural light in a workplace is linked to “general well-being,” “increased productivity”, and “better health.” The review also states that natural light “decreases the occurrence of headaches, SAD, and eyestrain.” If natural light is simply impossible, then make sure you buy full-spectrum light bulbs. According to the review, “In buildings where daylighting is not or cannot be integrated, using full-spectrum bright lights has been shown to positively affect the workers in the buildings.” also consider Planting Productivity If you add just one accessory to your home office, make it a plant. Research shows that with plants around, “workers were more productive and had a 12 percent quicker reaction time. They were less stressed and had lower blood pressure.” Plants that are dead or dying won’t be of much help at all, so when you get a plant for your home office you had better be ready to take good care of it – either that, or get a cactus.

In closing, Paint the Walls of Your Home Office One of the very simplest and least expensive ways that you can transform your work space is with a coat of paint. I recommend a neutral color or a shade of green, which is associated with harmony, balance, and refreshment. Well there you have it, never go wrong working from home. You can still be as much productive & creative.

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