Fashion | All Eyes on The Eye Catching South Africa’s Nguni Brand.


African fabrics have been very fashionable for some time now. You can wear them any way and fir any occasion you may like. We are soo proud to be having such great patterns in africa. Today I’d like us to talk about the Nguni Brand. This is a 100% african brands from South Africa. Having to look at things the right way south africa has been laying out cutting edge trends especially in fashion and music. South Africa is actually competing with some of the best fashion markets in the world right now and if you’ve been following up you’d know just what an talking about.

Besides creativity, this brand was brought too because of love and passion as well. The team behind the brand work as much to bring it to you abd the market at large. The Nguni Brand is a 100% South African Brand as mentioned earlier. Born and produced in Durban, which explains the Zulu theme around the brand. The brand is actually inspired by the beautiful and colourful Nguni Culture. They draw most of their inspiration from the Zulu, Xhosa , Ndebele patterns. Which you can see from the pictures attached to this article. This is a pure African brand & we are sorry if you’re not into African trends but this is just one to checkout.

Who says bold African prints can’t hold their own in a corporate environment? Definitely not us. For fashion lovers who want to wear trends that hold their own then the Nguni Brands is definitely one to check out their styles & trends below are vibrant prints that will fit any corporate environment. This is actually clothing for anyone and everyone, from teenagers, young adults, adults, & even couples. Yes you can actually buy these for your beautiful wife or girlfriend etc etc.

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