Brayzz Brand Ambassador Series pt2 | Meet Isheanesu Mundanda (Harare +263)


So if you’ve been following up on Brayzz Africa you’d know just how far we’ve came developing our Website with 5 years this year we are still giving you only what’s haute in lifestyle, food, tech, fashion & travel trends. On the other hand our Brand Ambassador series have been on a smooth ride for some time and has actually remained exclusively that good. We’d like you to start engaging our Ambassadors & our platform, so here is a short bio from Isheanesu Mundanda our Brand Ambassador from Harare. She has a lot to say, but today let’s look at who she is, how she started and what she’s been up too.

Isheanesu Mundanda is a 21 year old Personality & Commercial Model. She is currently doing Accounting with a foreign university. She is the only child in her family with her mother being the only surviving guardian. This is basically how the journey started for her. To spice it all up she started venturing into media and arts when she was only 15 years old. Since then she has been climbing the ladder and has managed to work with ZBC where she was a TV Presenter. She’s also been on Radio with! if you know with Feba Radio & if you heard it you’d know just how good her role has been on Feba Radio. That’s when she went straight into Modeling and worked with a good number of agencies and have done several adverts as well.

After all this considerable work that’s when she saw her self on our Ambassador Search competing for the grand price to be our next Brand Ambassador & she won that one with no doubt now she is currently working with Brayzz Africa, Get Host and Bolivia Hire and Catering standing in as the Brand Ambassador for the aforementioned Brands. As she says it working with us has been such a great experience of reaching out to the world. She is a person who believes more in using her hands more as a “Hobby” and also into manicure, makeup and Poultry keeping. She is really looking forward and hope to have reached her desired destination by reaching out to the poor, orphans and the old aged.

In closing her mission is to fully support certain orphanages if not open her own because of her personal experience, certain things that have been happening in her life. So through her journey of life she has learnt from the best and groomed by the best in the market. She is looking forward to be an inspiration to the young generation so that they can be fruitful and innovative. She managed to obtain certificates for different courses like counseling and this has helped her to see things from a better perspective, so does she hope the world does.

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