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Now if we talk about best international acts, i know we’d find a bunch of our favorites. Today i’d like you to Meet “ShaSha” the new Kid on the international block. Shasha has been going amazing work & ofcourse she has been the very best in african culture & boundaries. Having to take a good look at her biography you’d love almost everything about her work. Besides the fact that she is from Zimbabwe you’d note that she has been a top notch brand and has been focused for some time now.

Her music has been topping chats on loads of radio statios in africa and beyond african grounds. She always on TV and you’re in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Nigeria youd’d know just what am talking about. She recently won a BET award for ‘Best New International Act’ & again yes she’s that good. Alot of people, brands, friends and family got the media flooding with congradulatory messages and even never seen before gifts behind the scenes.

Allow me to rewind backwards abit. As the lockdown began we thought it was going to be Netflix, Tiktok and catching up on a few do it yourself projects en stuff like that. To be honest the first two weeks where more of workout and we had a workout challenge for the first 21 days. On the other hand Sha Sha has been dropping Hits & hits, we love her music. We actually would put her songs on repeat and dance to them all night & yes again and again she’s that good. We are actually still doing this to date. It is now has to be a daily routine we go with. Actually it’s slowly becoming a mainstay now.

This teaches alot about hard work abd passion. It’s sad news how black people are being treated in other countries like they are not human. This has actually been going on for some time now. At the same time people like “Sha Sha” give us courage and motivate the younger generation that no matter the skin colour, race or gender you can also do it.

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