Pokello Nare The Most Flamboyant & Focused Business Lady in Zimbabwe.


We’ve all known Pokello for some time now, she’s the most flamboyant and focused business lady in Zimbabwe. She has been one of the top notch brands in zim and she’s been for some time bringing only standards in the game. I mean let’s face it, she has had loads of notable highs and lows and we can actually say alot about these. Pokello has been motivating young girls and ladies to be the best they can. This is for young ladies out there who know they will make it. We can learn quite alot from people like Pokello.

With a couple of brands up her sleeve she has actually managed to build a good business model which is actually working out in terms of business and building a networth. Her bank account actually looks good & she is amougst the most influential and powerful business woman in Zimbabwe. You can checkout Her shoes shop which is really perfoming well in the market and everyone knows that Pokello has some of the most expensive and luxurious lifestyle brands than anyone else in Zimbabwe. Yes there are other leading female owned businesses in Zimbabwe but Pokello would still stand out and be the very best. Its actually easy to note that this is just the best we can get and maybe more might come.

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