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Well when it comes to international acts in africa everyone has their personal favorites we have loads, I’ve actually got to think about it and actually bring back a series of articles, where I’d like us to talk about International entertainers from africa and we will call this series “facts only”. You will be meeting loads of artists and entertainers in this series. Well this is not the first ‘facts only’ from us but this is like the first to come out as elite & premium. Before we jump right into it, as Brayzz Africa we would like to Congradulate Shasha on her victory at the BET awards. We will be featuring her on one of our facts only, you should keep an eye on that as well.

On this edition we are opening it up with Jidenna. I mean we all know how good this classic man has been for some time now. We have actually been following up on him since he released “Classic man” and have loved almost all his music ever since. There are a lot of facts we can pull out besides his endless love for Africa. He is actually the only entertainer in America that loves africa to such heights. We also won’t even talk about numbers because we all know he’s been topping the charts for some time. Jidenna is growing beyond his music in many ways When we bring up topics of a post-racial society, religion, and his journeys in Africa, he’s careful and deliberate with his words — a culture nerd who can also be the life of a party. Jidenna has been someone who can make Billboard-charting pop singles but also dedicate a song to interracial marriages in America.

Alot of people have been debating if Jidenna is from africa or not? & loads have always been asking if he’s from Nigeria or not, well! we did a little research on that and turns out that Yes Jidenna is Nigerian. Jidenna Theodore Mobisson was born on May 4, 1985 in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, to Tama Mobisson, a Caucasian accountant, and Oliver Mobisson, a Nigerian Igbo academic. Jidenna grew up partially in Nigeria, where his father was working as a professor of computer science at Enugu State University. From this you can now tell why he’s soo much into africa and the african culture.

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