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Gaming has been a mainstay for some time now, you can actually count back all the consoles you’ve owned. Also at the same time you can be a huge fan of gaming. I currently have an xbox rather & it’s been my very favourite for some now. Mostly because of the software. It is totally something custom made and something you don’t find everywhere. Let’s talk about the New Play Station 5, well i haven’t had first hand experience with it as yet, but it is trending. As you will see from the pictures attached to this article, it has this modern look you can easily crush on just from the look of things and the vibe going around. If we can say this console is definitely one to really look out for.

Okay let’s talk about the Games, they’ve got a good list and theu announced in the PS5 show alot of stuff, like we now know that Spider – Man Miles Morales is coming from Insomniac. We also got the New Gran Turismo 7 which is launching exclusively on PS5. Zoom zoom! Ratchet & Clank are returning as well on PlayStation 5 and we all know that’s good news & in “Rift Apart” Project Athia looks incredible as well & its Designed specifically for PS5. PS5’s DualSense controller looks stunning and feature packed. It was designed with loads of luxurious features as well. And the themes that are coming with these controllers are amazing. I’d personally go for mate black, not only becuase am collecting black stuff but mostly because i actually think black is a really cool colour.

Let’s dig a bit deaper, it’s got a good 8-core CPU AMD Zen 2 , variable frequency, up to 3.5 GHz. Memory 16 GB GDDR6 SD RAM. Got Custom Storage 825 GB SSD Removable storage (user upgradeable) , or external USB-based HDD. Awesome Display Video output formats & HDMI : 4K UHD , 8K UHD Graphics Custom AMD RDNA 2 , variable frequency, up to 2.23 GHz. Sound Custom Tempest Engine 3D Audio, like we all know how cool 3D audio is. This machine needs a good system and background music. I meam look at the lists of games they have coming and try to picture it with some good sound track, you can actually spend the whole day and night playing.

Then everyone’s eyes is on the price. The most recent price leak for the PlayStation 5 comes from Amazon UK, where a placeholder product listing for the 2TB PS5 showed it cost £599. Before that price leak, the rumours were suggesting the PS5 would cost $499 in the U.S. and £449 in the UK. And that figure tallies up with respected analyst predictions of a $499 price point from last year. It’s still just a rumour, though, but it’s one we’ve heard from several sources. Is that price going to be accurate, though, and will it be a success for Sony? First, consider the cost of PlayStations past – the PlayStation 4 originally debuted for £349.99/$399.99 and when it was reinvented as the PS4 Slim it began selling for £259.99/$299.99 and up.

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