Brian Nhira Shares First Pictures With His Son “Zayden Glory Nhira”


This is My Personal Favorite Brian Mhira is outstanding. We have been following up on him for some time now & we actually have a couple of his music we really go crazy to. If you have been following up on Nhira you’d know that his wife was pregnant and Brian has really been excited as this is his first born Son. Lol i can already tell how Glory has changed his life from now on. Things will definitely change, what i can say is we are now waiting to see Zayden Grow up, this is soo amazing.

Brian Nhira has shared a couple of pictures with His Son & Wife which you can see attached with this article. Brian & Family decided to name him “Zayden Glory Nhira”. I am personally crushing on the name “Glory” and Brian has actually been talking about how he’s now more connected to God. Its a good thing having to know that Brian Nhira has also somewhat changed his genre and is now going for Gospel which is really a huge change. I can actually see myself worshiping all night with the Nhira family. This is not because i am a huge fan of Gospel Music, but as someone who lives a Christian Lifestyle and believes that Jesus Died for me i’d take the same move if i was in his shoes. Especially with how the world has changed.

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