Here’s What You Need to Know about Nadia Nakai’s Toosie Slide Cover


Drake’s Toosie Slide has been trending for some time now. Especially if you head over to tiktok you’d know just what am talking about. I am actually tempted to do the Toosie Challenge. On the other hand back in africa Nadia Nakai takes a whole different story into the Toosie Slide Trend. I mean don’t get me wrong we all know Nadia Nakai can be a cool influence in a way. I listened to her cover and it drove to review it & point out some facts.

Last week we had the privilege of listening to Nadia Nakai covering Nicki Minaj’s Yikes and everyone was overly impressed at how great she performed the top charting single. This time around Bragga decided to cover another chart topping single Toosie Slide by Drake. With an additional of her sound and vibe it’s safe to say she killed it. Toosie Slide has received negative views from some rappers, then likes of Emtee and Charlamagne Tha God, but it still remains that top jam to get.

Whether you think is wack or not, who cares of what you think? One thing to also note you might think this is beneath Drake’s standards but again who care about what you think? One thing i can tell you. Is you don’t understand trends & it’s definitely not about chasing trends. If you’re the biggest artist in the world, & if you’re the biggest rapper in the world, Trends chase you. People just cant wait to listen to something you just dropped. You drop something it goes viral & it’s trending so does that mean you chasing trend? Well thesw are all the right answers for Charla and Emtee.

Actually What Nadia did to it might change Charla and Emtee’s mind, hopefully of anyone who had doubts. So what do you guys think about Nadia’s Toosie Slide cover? Get to us on the numbers below. Enjoy the digital world.

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