Motorola Bounce Back With a New Flagship Phone The Edge +


So as you might know Motorola was once trending. I still their flip up series with the “Hello Moto” tagline. It was one phone you’d save up and buy. It’s been a ride for the Motorola edge +. It’s back and do you realise how long it’s been? . We’ve always known they have had budget phones, they dropped the folding phone. But they back wiyth a flagship. I want to talk about the design, display, cameras & the performance of the phone.

The Motorola Edge Plus has the look and feel of a flagship phone. Gone arethe flat glass backs of the Moto Z-series. The Edge Plus takes its cues from the Motorola One series, from its sleek designs to its string of multiple rear cameras.The first thing to notice about the Edge Plus is its size if i can say. The phone is bare millimeters longer, and actually smaller in width, but its curved-edge display and smaller top and bottom bezels make its actual display real estate larger than that of its predecessors.

The Motorola Edge Plus’ 6.7-inch OLED display is sharper than its Full HD+ (2340 x 1080p) resolution would suggest. Aside from its clarity, the display’s notable feature is its curved ‘waterfall’ sides. Motorola has called its version of this feature ‘Endless Edge,’ and it deserves the name more than Samsung’s ‘Infinity Edge’ screens. The Edge Plus’s screen curves down far more on each side than the display on the Samsung Galaxy S20 line, and a little more than the display on the OnePlus 8 handsets. We have a new waterfall screen champion.

Previous upper-tier Motorola phones have had decent but not impressive cameras, but the Motorola Edge Plus takes things to the next level with an array of rear cameras fit for a flagship phone.The standout shooter is the 108MP main camera, which like other 2020 flagship phones can use pixel binning to effectively combine four pixels in one to capture more light at the expense of detail (the resulting photos are 26MP).

The Motorola Edge Plus packs the same Snapdragon 865 chipset that powers all the Android flagships we’ve seen thus far in 2020. Combined with TKRAM and 256GB of storage (expandable up to TKGB via microSD), the Edge Plus has comparable specs to rivals like the Samsung Galaxy S20 range. Thanks to that power the phone is swift in use, breezing through apps and games without a hitch. Its multi-core Geekbench 5 average score of 3,344 is higher than that of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus (which returned an average score of 3,304). In real-world terms, that means it can handle anything you throw at it without any sort of hiccup.

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