Meet Our Top 4 Models in The Run To Be Our Next Brand Ambassador


The Search for our next Brand Ambassador has almost came to an end. It has been a humble journey & i like the fact of having to be in touch with each one of these models. They all deserve this post & they are all keen to be our next Brand Ambassador. As Brayzz Africa late last month we came up with an idea to bring back our Brand Ambassador mantra, but this time it was going to be bigger. So we teamed up with our hosting company Get Host to bring this idea to reality. We started off by advertising this post & inviting suitable candidates to apply for the post. We got more than 25 applications from models. We did the screening and we where now left with our top 5. It’s sad news that One of the models in the top 5 dropped out and we are now left with our top 4. We asked them to send us the answer to a simple question “What makes you think you are the most suitable candidate for this position?” They had to answer this question in video and texts. Here is what they had to say.

1. Isheanesu Mundanda.

Having to grow in a partially rich focused /concentrated world i believe as a brand ambassador besides money and intelligence there is more that everyone even the the poor can offer to benefit the brand and world at large. So i would believe in reaching out to everyone without segregation sticking to the principles and vision of the brand.

2. Gweny R Nyabanga.

I possess skills that are unique and likely unteachable, which makes me an above average candidate. Also i am a highly motivated, result-oriented individual, willing to go an extra mile to reach goals and learn along the way. For instance, my last job involved meeting specific targets on a daily basis, which i managed and sometimes surpassed while gaining better and effective means of improving the achievement of those goals. I’m confident that if Brayzz Africa gives me this opportunity, i will thrive and deliver quality work within stipulated deadlines. I look forward to contributing my skills and experience to this organisation if given the opportunity.

3. Everjoy Chirango.

Well! Having an intimate knowledge about Brayzz Africa and it’s services, has given me an abundance of insight to experience to start contributing from day one. l believe that as an Ambassador one should be a good public and private speaker, and this is exactly who I am. l have developed my communication skills from working directly with senior managers at work, which makes me suitable and well prepared to work on a high-profile, cross-department of Brayzz Africa. I have “that” strong passion for spreading Brand awareness, and very enthusiastic of getting people know more about the Brand.

4. Alisha J Bwanya.

I am an ambitious girl with not just a creative mind but a girl who believes in educating the whole of humanity it can only be done by marketing one of the best brands. Some may say different things but sometimes quality and how far you wanna go, risks you are willing to take is what differentiate most of us and I’m not just passionate but I’m willing to work for my success through this brand by practicing good communication skills and delivering good results for the benefit of the brand. I am a girl full of great innovative ideas, ideas that are unimaginable but revelant. A girl that never dreamt of nothing else but being the best a self motivated girl who might not be bold enough or old enough but confident.

There you have it that’s our top 4, we just can’t wait to announce our winner of the Brand Ambassadors search. What are your own comments and views get to us on the contact details below. Now this is the lifestyle you’ve been waiting for all this time. We are the best in Lifestyle & we are a certified award winning lifestyle brand.Facebook: Brayzz AfricaEmail: +263771288698

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