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Being an award winning blogger takes loads of practice & actually loads of work. Let me start by celebrating the our victory at the Zim Blog Awards. As we stand today, Brayzz Africa has gone national. We are now recognised as the best Lifestyle Magazine in Zimbabwe. If you had not looked at our website, you would be happy to know that our brand focuses mainly on Lifestyle, food, tech, fashion & Travel trends. We have been doing this for the past 5 years now. Brayzz was founded in 2015 and it’s been considerably years of experience, i actually knew & know the potential Brayzz Africa has, we are not only here for Zimbabwe or Africa. We are here for the diaspora nation, a whole different community of african nationalities. Anyway that’s not what this article serves. Let’s talk about harare. This is how your city is looking.

When the lockdown started we thought it was something light & hance something worth turning a brind eye, but on the other hand people we silently panicking. It’s been some time now since i was in the capital touring. So i got a chance to get into town and have a look at it during this pandemic season. Who ever knew harare was this beautiful. For the past 2 years i have been in harare, I’ve never walked down the streets soo “freely”. Its like whole different version of freedom. If you know & have been to harare you might know just what am talking about. Harare can be very annoying at time, you just can’t walk a few steps without bumping into someone, being asked to change money, if you want to get a hair cut, tomatoes, combies, thugs, vendors, the lists is endless and goes on and on & on. This has all changed now. The city is at peace & is soo beautiful.

It is because of this pandemic disease that we find the city soo clean. These are not harare’s true colours, it’s in this because of the two devils thats are currently roaming around earth currently. These demons are “LockDown” & the pandemic “Corona Virus Disease 2019”. These two have been living in the streets of the world as it is today, for sometime now. I actually did not see myself talking about the pandemic disease simply because i really don’t blog about that kind of stuff but as i saw the city today. It reminded me of the positive effects the disease has brought about.

“The Sunshine City”. This is the real sunshine city that is was decades ago. We last saw Zimbabwe in this state long ago. It is now officially the sunshine city. Roads have been repainted, streets are being welly maintained and looked after. You can actually spot the difference, that’s very easy. It’s a time where the authorities have been given an opportunity to put everything in order. Again i have never seen the city so clean & tidy. With this article you can see pictures i toke during my time in town. How are you spending your days locked down? Get to us on the contact details below.

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