Victoria falls’s Very Own – “Making Ginger Music”


Being someone who loves music. I often find myself hunting for live music. Believe me i prefer listening to live music rather than recorded music, but because am not a person who loves massive crowds i always find myself looking for other less crowded functions with some soft & live music on the side. On one of my recent trips to Victoria falls i was at the Three Monkeys Cafe having a few drinks on the table, ofcourse i was with my girlfriend & my mum was in town. I was excited.

Then all over a sudden i hear people cheering and clapong their hands to the team going on stage. It was a group of entertainers & they called themselves “Making Ginger Music” for a second i forgot about my girlfriend & my mum, i was slowly drowning and growing deep inlove with sound they produced. Their band is made up of 5 people, & they chose to do Afro pop. It felt different & it was different from what we where now used to in Harare. Fortunately i had to talk to one of them who was actually my friend from high school, it was alarming having to meet again after a long time. He said they had a vision “to inspire and provoke creativity in the nation of Africa.”

Just from their vision i got more than just inspired to listen to their music, i had to write piece later now that memories of victoria falls have came back at hand. They say Music is their source of giving information and motivation to the supreme generation if i can say in a way. They are Currently working on an Album called – LAND OF THE FREE. The tittle of the album says alot and can simply inspire you to buy the album, thats just how it has to go. Matthew was a solo artist at first but they used to practice together, So one day they had a gig at (Alliance francaise) people turned out and they saw that they had potential. This led them to get back to basics and take their different talents to the next level & that’s how MAKING_GINGER_MUSIC came alive.

With time, they became better & more better at wyat they where doing. So they managed to play in all the Hotels in Victoria Falls e.g Victoria Falls Hotel, Kingdom hotel ,Elephant hills etc. They have also participated in a number of festivals, if you where at the Wine Testing festival and Gin Festival, you’d know just what am talking about. Soon they should start touring all over the world.

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