Art By Passion| Meet “Godfrey” The Silent Genius.


Being an artist and a huge fan of art has tought me alot, i sometimes find myself craving to just put something down in black and white. It’s something i can say a “talent” which has been in my blood for some time now & i will never let go. So when i came across work from Godfrey i knew right away that i had to get this to you. Honestly this guy is really that good & his products are fresh as you will see from the pictures am posting with this article.

Godfrey is a Visual Artist, Streetwear artist and Street Artist. He is an all round Freelance creative who’s work explores Afro – Futurism through a black cultural lens. He is interested in the notion of beauty and cultural expression as a whole along with reimagining in a glorified way what “blackness” would look like in the future while being influenced by history and the present. “I’m also really interested in conceptualizing things ahead of my time, either real or imagined” – Godfrey

His work has appeared in loads of exhibitions for some time these include (2014) – Social Gravity : Two Men Exhibition (NGZ), the (2014) Unforgettable Conversations: Annual Intwasa Art Festival (NGZ). His work is so amazing that i am coming to work with Godfrey closely as i would be happy to get some of his products up for sale on our website. I know i will find you guys intrested in buying one or even every piece on his collection. Yes He’s that good.

On some of his previous exhibitions like the Harare – Phindu Phenduke : Annual Independence Exhibition (NGZ) and he was also at the -Untitled – SOLO Exhibition: Creative Nestlings, Cape Town – Winter /Spring : La Mouette, Cape Town (2016) which he said paved way for him into the south african market. Now i did observe closely and saw that the south african models are actually loving his creative ideas, paintings and clothing. He has a market, he has the product & he has the clientele his busines is making money.

Now the question is ho is he & the brand pulling through the times of the Corona Virus & the lockdown? I and Godfrey discussed about this, when i reached out to him about this article and he said “i am Taking time to basically be extra creative. I work from home most of the time while making my business thrive through the Internet so I’m still able to balance out my hustle.” It is important to keep the hustle going tell us how you have been keeping up via the contact details below.

Marketing: +263771288698

Facebook: Brayzz Africa

  1. Rens says

    Dear Godfrey,
    Talking about art:
    Godfrey Makopa
    Originals, creative,
    innovative, practical.
    Feelings, expression,
    world view, empathy,
    Original art on houses in Bulawayo.
    Art on clothes, pants, shoes, shirts and jackets.
    And not to forget Painting on Linen ..
    Seeing this arts makes me happy and smile because of its original expression in art .
    Not being afraid of new ideas
    No borders giving an idea of freedom..

  2. Tafadzwa Makonese says

    Godfrey worked on my shoe, a white tennis turned epic and memorable. He is true art master. Will forever work with him. His art is Morden and a different genre of this age and generation.

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