14 More Things To Do Whilst In Corona Virus Self-Isolation


When everything happens it happens for a reason & some say it’s a planned strategy. The Corona virus has been something i can say we can’t run away from and is definitely here and measures have to be taken in a way. With the further extension of the lockdown, it brought back the thought of some stuff i couldn’t accomplish during the lockdown period. As i was more serious with my 21 day lock down challenge, where i was doing 21 Pushups, 21 seatups & 21 Squats. I did this for 21 days continuous. Now here are some of the things i will be doing during these 14 days.

1. Movie ( Bad Boys For Life )

Bad boys for life is definitely the one movie am currently giving all my props. I mean who does not like Martin Lawrence & Will Smith? These two make me go crazy, i’ve loads of work i crush on from Martin & i wont even talk of Will Smith. Bad boys has also been my personal favorite for some now. Bad Boys For Life has a whole different story all together. I’ve never seen Will Swith driving a car that fast & all the spins and stuff.

2. Catching Up With Gardening.

Well am a garden fan, i’ve always love finding some worns in the garden for the chicken & I’ve also loved having to water the garden time and time again. My recent plant project is on indoor plants. Am planting some indoor plants to help purify the air in my room I’ve actually got an article you can read about the plants that can purify the air in your room or house.

3. Getting to date with Fashion Trends.

As a media personality i always like to look and feel good every moment am out or basically OFF. So i’d like to seat down and take a good look at fashion trends and get up to date with fashion trends. I subscribed to some of my favorite fashion brands that make sure i get all that’s fresh & trending.

4. Delete Some Photos.

This is actually something I’ve been meaning to do for sometime now but the problem has been the time to do it. My 32gb external hard drive is almost full and i some how need some fresh space for better and newer pictures.

5. Go cycling.

I love cycling because it freshens up my mind, i feel soo free when i go cycling. Its actually good exercise at the same time you get to explore and see new corners and reach place you only cod reach using a car pr something like that. Have you ever went cycling before? If yes then send through your thought.

6. Create a new Playlist.

As a huge fan of music i always find myself downloading some amazing jams and jamming to them all day long. I always put on my ear phones and start jamming to loads of music in my phone. As from now am going to be having a new playlist actually not one & not two but i’d like to make a playlist for Hip hop, Gospel & the other for samples as i always get music from upcoming entertainers to sample abd review for the website & promotions.

7. Redecorate my Room.

Hahaa! I’ve waited for this one for almost a year now. I’ve always had a routime as a youngy to redecorate my room yearly and sometimes twice a year. The bad news is because of work i haven’t been homw relaxing but been more out there working. Now that i have the time am doing just that.

8. Get to take with Tech & Travel Trends.

As Brayzz Africa we have a trips that we where planning on for some time now. Because of the lockdown we haven’t been able to do it, but the gold thing it gives me the time to seat down and get back to the basics & consider which destination to go and why. At the same time i would like to do a check up on current tech trends.

9. DIY.

One of my DIY projects was making and painting flowers pots for my new plants, but this has changed i’ve a new project am working on which i will only be able to share about it once done but if you’ve been following up on me i’d give you a good clue & you’d know what am working on. So the clue is Clothes Hanger. Lol i just told you what it is.

10. Start a new Hobby.

It’s actually just a continuation of the exersises that i have been doong aonce the day we started the lockdown. So am deciding to making it officially my everyday hobby.

11. Video Chat with my Girl.

Its been 21 days of lockdown, with my girlfriend it’s been calls & whatsapp texts. With the twist and turns i have decided to surprise her with a video call, so as to see her face & tell her right into her face how much i love her. That’s just how it goes for me.

12. Catch the Sunset.

This is also my favorite for some reason i love watching and taking pictures of the sunset not because sunsets are romantic but because it’s nature and am in deep connect with nature in a way.

13. Cook my favourite Meal.

Spaghetti Cheese is my best dish not matter what comes or goes. Pasta is my thing from the bottom up it’s just too different from your normal rice. Because of this i’d like to share with you on another article the recipes i use when making my Spaghetti.

14. Learn more of Italian.

Am a lover of Languages, i speak English, Shona, IsiNdebele, French, Portuguese, Spanish & now am learning German and Italian and am so inlove with the italian language it’s different as any other you might know of.

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