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So early morning today i was busy on my usual morning routine only to find Ginimbi trending once small. Well if you know Ginimbi you’d know just how much of a money spender he is. From his Competitions with Passion Java to his cars, all white parties & now getting girls to twerk for him on Instagram.

Those that attended the live streaming, toke to all other social media platforms sharimg their views and thoughts. It’s actually amazing how someone can just twerk and be given R40000. R40K is alot of money which can be used to save someone else’s life in this era that we are living in today. Well as for Ginimbi what matters to him is fame as we can all see. The badass girls toke the opportunity for 40k and started doing what they do best & the winner has already received her money, which has been paid through to the winner’s account, it’s that easy.

The question is has Ginimbi donated a penny to the covid-19 pandemic? But he’s out here giving away R40k to the best twerker on IG. This might be one of his strategic come back to the social scenes and get us talking again about how he’s been spending, i mean this is the first of its kind, is it because of the lockdown that we find ourselves with nothing to do then we just come up with a twerk contest. Ofcourse all the girls that participate on such have came to a point in life where they don’t care anymore.

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