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As you are aware most countries are currently on lockdown because of this pandemic disease that seems not controllable. This lockdown has actually been hard for me as someone who doesn’t stay indoors at most times. On the other hand this considerable time has given me a chance to catch up with some “DIY’s” and actually getting to work on some projects & also writing just to keep me busy. My Schedule start like this . . .

Early Morning before work i do 21 SeatUps, Press Ups, & 21 Squats per day and am going to be doing this everyday for 21 days. As a celebrity personality this is what i just need to get in shape. Tightening up a few ends from our previous December. After am done with this simple work out i stretch the working musles to avoid cramps, then i rest for about 15 minutes while having some warm water. That’s how my day begins. What happens after this is work & getting more creative. A morning workout is a fantastic way to start your day – for multiple reasons. Lets talk about these:

A morning work out gives you more energy, In fact, a morning workout might even give you more energy than a cup of coffee ! You’ll receive an instant energy boost and increased mental clarity that will lead to a productive day at the office. Also give you a better mood, Expect to feel happier and more optimistic after a morning workout. This is all real and facts to why you should workout in the morning. It also Lowers blood pressure. Regular exercise is fantastic for helping to prevent hypertension. As it turns out, exercising in the morning might be even better! The same study mentioned previously also found that early morning exercise is best for reducing blood pressure.

So here is my challenge, we’ve talked about the good about morning exercise. Now set up your own combination of your favorite excercises, set up your time frame & start working out as soon as possible. Did you know? it’s called the Silent Killer for a reason! The only way to know if you have high blood pressure or hypertension is to have your blood pressure measured. Get your blood measuered, excercise in the morning to lower blood pressure. This is living a helthy lifestyle.

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