Interview | Noluthando Pearl Shares How She’s Spending Hers Days Locked Down.


Noluthando Pearl is one model that has gone through the most and has been that good bridging the gap in her market. Her work is flamboyant & she has been keeping a tight notch with quality projects. So i decided to get to her and do a interview with her, as i was so keen to know how some models have been keeping up with Covid at hand. We discussed how The virus saved her life or maybe how its also helping her live a healthier lifestyle. Let’s get right to it here is Noluthando’s Interview With us at Brayzz Africa. #LiveAHealthyLifestyle.

Keilloe: Hi Pearl Give us a brief info about yourself, what you do & archievements?

Pearl: Iam Noluthando Pearl Mthimkhulu originally from south coast port shepstone. I am a 21 year old final year student at the Mangosuthu University of technology doing my public finance and accounting diploma, I am also a part time model currently based in Durban, South Africa. My archievements, i won Miss personality 2016, Miss thami xpress 2016, Face of KZN township 2nd runner up & SA’S next international model top 10.

Keilloe: What do you think about the corona virus and what damages has it done to your brand?

Pearl: Iam a firm believer of everything happens for a reason and that God’s timing is forever accurate, a month ago i was a finalist for south africa’s next international models in that pegeant 5 models where going to be selected and will represent south africa internationally. I only had a spot in the top 10 and that was the end of the road for me. I remember standing on stage when they were about to announce the top 5. Deep in my fears i was praying “God if its not my time, it will hurt me but let it pass me lord”. Surprisingly i did not make it. I cried and got over it.

Then 2 weeks down the line corona virus was all over the news, as the cases increased our president announced that all airlines are closed no plane will leave nor come in South africa. At that moment i just couldnt believe it. Am a prayerful warrior so i prayed that moment. When this happened i learnt that some No’s in life are very important and God’s timing like i mentioned is forever accurate.

So the corona virus is affecting me emotionally because i cannot provide for my family now because am not generating no income since there’s a 21 days lockdown ,and i think that this lockdown will teach us a country so much self discipline,unity and most importantly “prayer”.

Keilloe: How are you spending your days at home, any DIYs or any other projects you working on at home you may recommend?

Pearl: Besides being indoors, iam a person who loves working out so i joined the DR lelo Nkosi 21 day lockdown squart challenge where we have a target which is 4200 squarts in 21 days it’s been keeping me very busy and healthy. I am also catching up my with school work.

Keilloe: Mind shading some light on some of the lessons learnt through your lifetime experiences?

Pearl: I am a rape victim i was raped by my uncle at the age of 8 that made me to have so much hatred towards men but as a person who understands that we grow through what we go through and i believe so much in forgiveness because forgiving the next person is good for your own peace and fast healing. The year 2017 was the hardest for me because i became a mother that year and that meant no Miss South Africa for me but that didnt stop me from reaching my short term and paving my way for long term goals. Nothing is as important as forgiving yourself because regrets suck a lot of energy which will blind you to opportunities, and no matter how hard it is or depressing it is you must always appreciate what you learn from failure. Stand up and gather some good advice from people but in the process never forget that you are the CEO OF YOU, YOU CALL THE SHOTS!

Keilloe: Share wise words for someone who might be reading this . . .

Pearl: It’s everything you do know that everything happens for a reason and please understand that God’s timing is forever accurate!

Keilloe: Last words . . .

Pearl: You can follow me oan instagram @thando_pearl_ , facebook Noluthando Pearl Mthimkhulu. Please do like my soon to be opened facebook Page : For purpose with Pearl. Thank Brayzz Africa, Love Pearl.

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