South African Man Builts A Replica Of 1967 Ford Mustang Entirely With Wire.


Being a huge fan of Art I’ve always been on the look out of any crazy designs I really love. I’ve came across loads of designs and on some cases Managed to draw my own designs which I can say would be custom made just to suite me and what I do.

This morning I came across this man’s post about this car which did entirely with wire. Yes you might now be asking yourself how long it toke him to make this car. Well Conty Fonane spent 8 months to complete his project. I can already imagine how much work he was putting everyday.

Having to look at it wire is really not that easy to work with daily, mainly because it also leaves marks on your hands and if not handled well other body parts might be at risk. This is what he had to go through to get that car going. I can call this pure passion.

The car weighs 400kgs, made of stainless steel wire, aluminium tubes and rubber tyres. How does make you feel? The has a v8 engine made entirely of wire, pistons, gear box, brakes, clutch, working hinges on the doors, seats and a steering wheel that can turn. In all history of wire card I’ve driven as a boy, this one in particular is outstanding.

Then on the other pics are some of His recent works that he has done. The yellow one is a GT3RS it’s got this amazing color and this is just where talent can get you. Am so out of words I can say to outstanding work that I’ve came across in Africa. What do you think about this particular car? Get to us on the contact details below.




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