Space Saving Furniture You Need For Your Apartment.


So moving out might seem so exciting because of the free life you’d start living, you do you, whenever it suits you. So i had to come up with a combination of these amazing space saving furniture for your new apartment. Hope you love them just as i did while compiling them.

1: The Living Cube.

The living cube is very convenient when you just moved to a new apartment, i like the fact that you can store a wide variety of products. It houses a wide range of drawers and shelves which you can use to store books, music records, a TV and console. At the end of the cube there is a ladder and a door that lets you inside the cube which you can use for storage, inside the living cube you can set up a dressing room or a bathroom. The ladder leads you to the roof of the cube where you can set up as a lounge or you can set it up as for reading your novels.

The Living Cube

2: The Kali Duo Sofa

This is a sofa transformer which when folded looks like a normal living room double sofa, however when unfolded its design looks like a bunk bed which is convenient to bachelors apartments. The other part of the bed is nicely fitted into the wall with sides designed to make you feel comfortable when you sleep. It fit perfectly into apartments with the less space you need. With this sofa you can have both your bed and also your living area.

The Kali Duo Sofa

3: The Ori Pocket Closet.

So everyone dreams of having their own dressing room, unfortunately you might find an apartment that only fits your bed and wardrobe. Well that’s about change because the Ori will allow you to occupy your dressing room in almost any standard bedroom. In its folded state the Ori pocket closet doesn’t occupy much space. The sides are equipped with shelves with one big enough to place a whole painting or the TV. It unfolds turning it into a compact but functional desk. If you press the button the part of the construction starts to move apart inside there are shelves and cabinets in which shoes and clothes are stored.

The Ori Pocket Closet

Tell us what you think about these amazing space saving products for your apartment. We would love to hear from you. #LoveYourLifestyle.

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