Africa Day Special: Facts Only “Black Coffee”.


Africa is celebrating yet another special day today 25 May which is Africa Day & loads of people have got different events going on to celebrate the day. I in many ways am loving the whole vibe around it already. So I decided to choose one of my favourite Djs and just talk about him a-bit. In Africa we have loads of creatives and entertainers most of them I know you will love & most of them have already gone International if I can say in a way.

Black Coffee is one of those Entertainers who has gone international his work is appreciated in most markets in Africa and beyond African boundaries. He’s been almost everywhere and still counting. His work as we speak is being played in most radios and entertainment houses in America & he’s actually been touring & living in America for some time now. The most awesome fact is that all of his shows in America have been sold out.

Let me give you a tip, to those that want to be on the same page as me here’s what you can do. Go on YouTube search for Black Coffee & listen to his music, it’s that simple I know you will love it & come back just to tell me what you think. There’s a lot we can learn from Black Coffee especially for African markets & Entertainers and even for people outside Africa. He mastered the art of music, came out with this awesome sound you can’t resist for anything. I in many ways learnt a lot from his music one of them is being unique.

Amongst everything he never stops for anything and always works to make the next piece better than the last, yes he’s really that good every new song he puts out is better than every last song he did previously. Trust me this is one Dj you should be jamming to & definitely should be your number one favourite in Africa. There are a lot more facts we can talk about & I can write a whole book on it. Anyway I can’t close this down without wishing everyone reading this a Happy Africa Day we all deserve it & love our continent. Enjoy your special Day Africa.

Join us celebrate Africa in Style.

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