Rapper ‘It’s Fucci Drops Patara Music Video


Fucci dropped Patara on the 5th of May which is his Mother’s birthday and on the same day it was premiered on zifm sterio on one of his recent interviews with Miss Tin-Tin and the song received positive feedback according to the Rapper. Patara is a Shona word meaning the street, the song in short is a motivational trap song for all the street hustlers who are hustling in the streets. “If we grind hard one day it is going to pay off” says Fucci. He portrays the image of a street hustler who is all about the money doing deals by the street corner on a daily.

Its Fucci says he is like a commuter omnibus (kombi) because he is always on the street this punchline is also backed up by the presence of a customised commuter omnibus and Fucci will be sitting on top of the kombi with the ball symbolizing that he has the game and holds the future of Zim Hip Hop the two trophies on top of the kombi symbolize the celebration for the Best Hip Hop Group Award as GrindCity GrindTime Music Group. Fucci imitates the conductors how they hang at the back of a commuter omnibus while the vehicle is moving & all this happens in the streets of Harare. Fucci closes his verse with a burn out stunt which was done by Wilson Racks Gust in the car while Fucci and Vado were bumping to the song.

Shuver is on the second verse one of  the artist coming from the GrindTime camp. During Shuver’s verse there are video cameos who show off their  fashion trends which are actually trending in the streets of Zimbabwe. The third and last verse is very artistic as the two rappers engage in a rap battle Fucci versus Shuver and it’s clear to see that there are people who bet their money for each rapper confident enough that they will win the rap battle. Fucci and Shuver are circled  by people who are watching the rap battle while they are going face to face during the rap battle for the money.

“The video was directed by Drift Enerst Entertainment it was a great experience working with them on this project because we had a concept and hidden meanings on the video we had to sell a story using the music and the visual and also we were able to market the clothing that we sell thus GrindCity GrindTime Clothing and 19kudhara 2020Gang Clothing” says Fucci. On the video there are appearances of other fellow street hustlers from the streets of Harare , Founder and C.e.o of Changamire Hip Hop Festival Zimboy also made an appearance on the video he came through for the rap battle scene.

If you haven’t watched the video as yet you can check it out here > It’s Fucci ft Shuver – Patara

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  1. […] • Rapper ‘It’s Fucci Drops Patara Music Video […]

  2. […] • Rapper ‘It’s Fucci Drops Patara Music Video […]

  3. […] Rapper ‘It’s Fucci Drops Patara Music Video […]

  4. […] • Rapper ‘It’s Fucci Drops Patara Music Video […]

  5. […] • Rapper ‘It’s Fucci Drops Patara Music Video […]

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