Facts Only: The People’s Rapper ‘Asaph’


Yea so apparently I’ve been longing to actually find myself writing about Asaph. Okay let me take you back for a second, if you know this guy’s Burg Boiz movement or the whole Burg Boiz project then you’d obviously know the Good Times. Good thing is I’ve been on Asaph’s tail for some time now & I can unpack a whole lot about him besides reality. You know what I mean, am trying to talk about the realist A list in Zim hip hop right now. Let me not talk about his NAMAS outfit because if you saw my previous post about Gentleman Lifestyle fashion tips you’d know that Asaph nailed the outfit just with that Gentleman touch.

First thing is first Kings come from the City of King & that’s Bulawayo. I know most of you already know this, Getting back to his performance at the NAMAs you’d see just how he gets the City of Kings Vibe in. Steady vibe, you can actually see loads of talent elements. So real, one of the only entertainers in Zim I can give the Crown only because he’s that good. I’ve got loads of his songs that you might prefer to play the whole night long, facts remain facts but that’s how good he is. On one of my visits to Bulawayo, I was out with friends & unexpectedly we where in a show & Asaph was Jamn Good Times. It had only been a few days since the jam had dropped & there he was performing it live, for a second I found myself surprised.

At this moment I knew who it was only to Find out South Africa’s Okmalumcoolkat was in the building as well, yes am talking facts only & this is Asaph we all know & jam too. The People’s Good Times Rapper I would like to call, which is simply a statement that can tell you loads about Asaph. It’s always a Good feeling knowing an Asaph project is on the way & all the vibe that’s already around it, even if it’s prior the drop of the project. I think this is one thing some hip hip entertainers can learn here in Zimbabwe which is mobilising enough audience for your upcoming project, the more people looking forward to the project the more the potential of the project going viral. Yea we am talking facts only.

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  1. […] • Facts Only: The People’s Rapper ‘Asaph’ […]

  2. […] • Facts Only: The People’s Rapper ‘Asaph’ […]

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