Fresh: Ammara Brown Drops New Jam Loyal


Well we all know Ammara Brown by now. She’s one Entertainer from Zimbabwe we all love, or rather let me say she’s my personal favourite. Ammara Brown just dropped yet another jam tittled Loyal. The jam is on point to be honest. When I heard it for the first two seconds I was already dancing some Samba moves lol yes its really that good & I know you will love it, but there will always be is some “buts”.

There’s this Ammara Vibe, the verve that’s missing on this song. From my own look at things, her other Tracks Like Svoto are way forward as compared to this one. I mean don’t get me wrong but there is loads missing on this track. The sound is her, the best is on point. The social media is already loving the jam, but am here standing not throwing shade but saying something is missing Ammara & only you know what you left out.

Something that’s soo amazing is the fact that you can easily find yourself singing back to it because it’s really a nice song. Well I think it’s time Ammara toke us off this Love fantasy and take us parting, we want to celebrate, we want weddings, we want club bangers. Of course I know because of her vibe and verve most of her love jams end up being just what we want them to be. She’s in a loyal space & guess what am loyal to Ammara Brown as well. If I wasn’t I wouldn’t be writing this down at this moment. ?

Have a Listen here:

Ammara Brown – Loyal

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  1. […] • Fresh: Ammara Brown Drops New Jam Loyal […]

  2. […] • Fresh: Ammara Brown Drops New Jam Loyal […]

  3. […] • Fresh: Ammara Brown Drops New Jam Loyal […]

  4. […] • Fresh: Ammara Brown Drops New Jam Loyal […]

  5. […] • Fresh: Ammara Brown Drops New Jam Loyal […]

  6. […] • Fresh: Ammara Brown Drops New Jam Loyal […]

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