Review: Nasty C – SMA ( Vol 1 & 2 )


No one doesn’t have the story of their lives, If am to share with you my story I would take years writing the book. Having to look at it, Nasty C tells his story through his music. I’ve loved each and every project he has dropped ever since his first albums. Fast forward to his most recent work Strings & Bling the album.

The album is no doubt one to have & that’s where we find SMA, this song is soo emotional from my own view of Vol 1 it is a love story where we see a couple coming up together, Breaking up, fighting and actually getting back together. The duo is wow. The all white Clothing had to put in that extra white sauce for the video, one other thing I like on this video is, Nasty C didn’t go expensive as usual but instead he went well under budget.

How did I end up falling for you, I find myself calling for you lol Rowlene made sure she nailed it all through this song. Looking at Vol 2 Nasty C takes us to a younger generation, back to high school. The only difference on the Vol 2 is that Nasty C didn’t appear on the video. Having to really think about it from this video I can actually see a few real traces of stuff that actually happened in his life & we can also relate it to today.

People get into different relationships not knowing what these relationships have in store for us, sometimes we never like it sometimes we are like okay I will hold on and try to make a difference only because you love her and you ain’t going to do that if you had nothing on her.

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  2. […] • Review: Nasty C – SMA ( Vol 1 & 2 ) […]

  3. […] • Review: Nasty C – SMA ( Vol 1 & 2 ) […]

  4. […] • Review: Nasty C – SMA ( Vol 1 & 2 ) […]

  5. […] • Review: Nasty C – SMA ( Vol 1 & 2 ) […]

  6. […] • Review: Nasty C – SMA ( Vol 1 & 2 ) […]

  7. […] • Review: Nasty C – SMA ( Vol 1 & 2 ) […]

  8. […] • Review: Nasty C – SMA ( Vol 1 & 2 ) […]

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